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Building video slots games, one reel at a time

My first job out of college was working at AGS in Atlanta, GA. While my work always revolved around developing projects using Unity and C#, the majority of my work for the first two years was converting Class 3 regulation games to Class 2. Basically different states have different allowances for what you can do with regards to gambling. Some like Nevada are more lax and you can have your typical slot machine. Other states have a little more stringency, which means we need to convert the regular game into class 2. This includes adding in a bingo ball draw system and a number of other backend changes to ensure the games work the same across the different jurisdictions. Besides that, I also assisted on some new game development (those projects haven't reached release as of yet). Over the course of my employment, I worked on over a dozen Class 2 games, half of which I was the primary developer on.

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