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Developing On a Time Limit (More than Usual)

The multiple game jams I've done for competitions and for fun! Others who've contributed are linked here as well!



No Birds To Be Found in Outer Space

My submission to the Global Game Jam 2021, working alongside a considerably larger team than I normally work with:

Programmed with LB Corney
Art by Katelynn Taylor and Keyan Hatefi
Designed by Keyan Hatefi
Music & Audio by Daftskunk and

Narrative written by Zachary Fried

In this point & click adventure game, you play as Lafayette Harrison - a futuristic collector-extraordinaire, sent by I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M. to find three rare items aboard an abandoned space station called The Nest. 

Made with Unity
Watch the trailer here!

Now available to download and play in browser here!



Tetris, But Flappier(?)

My submission to the Triple TriJam Game Jam, where you only had 9 hours (specifically 3 3-hour chunks) to get the game done. With themes of Novel Twist on Classic Game, Negative Feedback Loop, and Chain Reaction, I thought giving a twist on Flappy Bird with Tetris would be the best fit. 

Made with Unity

Devlog can be watched here!

Available here to play here!



Getting a Sinking Feeling Over Here...

My submission to the Game Maker's Tookit 2020 Game Jam, alongside artist Bjorn Miner and musician Zenwa Shimabukuro.


Taking on the role of a man who believes everything is fine, his basement begins to flood. With no way to get out, you have to stay alive for as long as you can.

Made with Unity

Now available to play in browser!



Solving the Puzzle That is You

My submission to the Vim Jam Collectibles Game Jam, alongside artist Koicrow and musician & programmer Louis Dutton from Bardic Studios that works more like a tech demo.

Falling into a cave, you play as a small monster finding itself lacking everything but its' head. You must pull yourself together by finding your body parts and getting out of the cave.

Made with Unity

Now available to download here!



Hopefully Not Breaking It Down

My submission to the Mix and Game 2020 Jam, working alongside artist, 3D modeler, and musician Francisco Murias.

You've warped into the wrong side of the galaxy, and have to survive as long as you can against a mob of starships who want nothing more than to hunt you down.

Made with Unity

Now available to download here!



It's Alive, and It Only Wants to Clean...

My submission to the 2019 Extra Credits Game Jam, working alongside a number of 3D artists, sound designers, and 2D artists. I was the main programmer on this project.

Help a Roomba clean a room by influencing it's behavior with furniture ordered from your trusty catalog!

Made in Unity

Download here!

Worked alongside Rita Yeung, Cat Arthur, Ji Hyun Ahn, Dave Lopez, Sylvia Gong, and Monica Paraz.

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