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Connecting card game systems to see what we can accomplish

Having played dozens of card games, I wanted to see what could be done and if it was possible to combine card game systems together. The initial pitch was converting Yu-Gi-Oh cards to Magic the Gathering and seeing whether the mechanics were still possible within Magic's ruleset. The intended followthrough was to create more videos in this same style to see how far we could go with combining card games together.



A Fanmade Tabletop Simulator Deckbuilder

I found the Pokemon Deckbuilder Game on Tabletop Simulator's server a couple of years ago, and have been contributing to it in multiple areas. I've helped playtest new content made by the game's primary developer, 3vo, edited cards, and working on content to be featured on my YouTube channel - How to Play and game footage being the main areas as of writing.


A designer's approach to the eponymous "children's trading card game"

Yu-Gi-Oh! remains one of my favorite card games from my youth, and now as an older, wiser game designer, I've wanted to go back and really look at some of my favorite decks under a designer's microscope. This video series is my attempt at talking about Yu-Gi-Oh through a designer's lens.

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