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Cathode Sunset

3D First Person Combat

This was my Junior Year team project, where we focused more heavily on enemy A.I. and combat. This was also my first project working with a sound designer, being one of DigiPen's sound professors. I worked on production and gameplay programming.


The Town of Dr. Stefano

3D Narrative and Resource Management

My second Junior year that I worked on through my first semester of Senior year. I wanted to focus on creating many of the systems from the ground-up and try to not rely on Unity plugins. In addition, this was my first real attempt at a narrative-focused game.


Temple of Riches

3D Stealth & Collection

This was my first Junior Year solo project, and I wanted to focus on a combination of

level design, game feel, and A.I. techniques I learned in the A.I. class I was taking while I was developing the project.


VALO: Frozen Light

2D Puzzle Platformer

This was my Sophomore Year game team project, built in a custom engine, where I primarily worked as the producer. In addition, I helped build parts of the level editor, worked on gameplay coding, and on level design. The game was showcased at DigiPen's PAX 2018 Booth.


Miscellaneous Game Jams

Rapid Iteration, Prototyping, and Development

I've worked on multiple different game jams working within various time limits, from as short as nine hours to as long as a full week. Sometimes I work on these by myself, and other times I work with a more "full-fledged" team. 

Cathode Sunset

3D First Person Combat


Hearthstone A.I. Deckbuilder

A.I. Algorithms and 3rd Party Libraries

This was the final project for my A.I. class in Junior Year, and I wanted to make something out of love of card games. I worked on the U.I. design, deck code generation, and algorithm testing. In addition, I wrote the design portion and edited the projects' associated academic paper.


Card Clicker

Monetization & App Development Study

My second senior year project that took the theory I learned the previous semester and implemented it using Unity's multiple in-app purcashing tools. It also gave me the experience to attemptt o build my own databases using Google Drive.


Hackers for Hire

3D Unfinished Auto-Battler Card Game

My senior year team project that was ultimately cancelled going into the second semester. The focus of this project was more complex A.I. and mixing that with a deck-builder card game. While the game wasn't finished, I used it as the basis for my coursework in my Monetization and Retention course, wherein I analyzed how it could be
monetized and keep players playing. 

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